About Joanna

Joanna Rupert Lucas

Having enjoyed watercolour painting from an early age, I first exhibited at the age of fifteen in the Treadwell Gallery, Croydon, Surrey.

After a continuing married life and children, as well as the establishment of a successful and internationally renowned business (BACTEC) I have now committed to developing a career in photography. I have achieved an understanding of digital photography: the production of prints in the ‘Emotional Photography’ field.

In 2000, after my recovery from serious illness, I qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist, specialising in ‘palliative care’. I realised the need for wide reaching and effective holistic treatment, in particular, ‘Memory Tagging’. By definition, any memory, learned or created will generate an emotional response - ‘The Tag’.

Aromatherapy, through the use of essential oils generates smells and visualisations of such tags. The aromatherapy goal is to trigger positive well-being, even a euphoric mental and physical state. Music too, can achieve the same end.

Art is available to us in many forms. Painting and photography can replicate ‘Good Memories’: we are transported back to happy times. Our human psychology tends towards recreation of such moments. We can think of simple photographic examples e.g. weddings, births, families and friends, landscapes, seasonal scenes etc.

Joanna is spending considerable time on painting in oils nowadays as well as her photography. Photographic expedition - November to December 2019 to NE India - Assam to Nagaland: Kolkata, Jorhat, Kaziranga, Kaziranga National Park, Balipara, Wild Mahaseer, Majuli Island then to Nagaland, Tuophema, Kohima (Hornbill Festival)